Towing Services

Towing Services in Austin, Texas

Do you need your vehicle towed?

If your vehicle is broken down or has a flashing check engine light, it will need to be towed to a repair shop. We first suggest checking your insurance to see if you have roadside assistance as part of your plan, or a membership to AAA or another roadside assistance service. If not, we have two recommended services that we use often who understand our process and make it easy to have your vehicle towed to us. Payment can either be paid directly to the tow company or if we book, we will add to your final bill. Remember that we have a 3 year/ 36K mile nation wide warranty on our service so if you breakdown during this timeframe, you can call 866-588-0728 to get a tow to the nearest affiliate shop (outside a 25 mile radius of our shop) in our network. This is a reimbursement program, please be sure to read the program terms and conditions here

Give one of our towing partners a call to have your car towed to Genuine Automotive!

Towing Services at Genuine Automotive