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Meet Sarah Rucker

Hey everyone, meet Sara Rucker owner and artist of crazyauntsissyart on Instagram. She refers to herself as a "fluid artist" which means the art she creates is a combination of paint and liquids like oils or dish soap among many others that allow her to create unusual and distinctive abstract art.

Sara gave a presentation at ABLE, Austin Business Leads Exchange of how she creates her work both on a spinning board and by tilting her pieces in various directions. Depending on the carrier liquid she uses, the viscosity, shimmer, and vibrance change which can change the feel of the color combinations she chooses. It's quite fascinating to watch and yes, if you look at the photos of her work, the item on the table to the right is indeed, a toilet seat! She can create a custom design to give your bathroom an unexpected wow factor!

Sara is a true artisan as she does more than fluid art, she also makes soaps, mosquito repellent (which I use and love the smell of!) as well as several other natural products. ABLE meets every Thursday at 11:30am at Casa Do Brasil on N. Mopac.

Written by Genuine Automotive