Squeaky Brakes

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Squeaky Brakes

Most everyone has experienced starting their car in the morning and driving off only to hit their brakes and hear a squeaky noise. More often than not, this is caused by rain or condensation that collects on the rotor and causes a thin layer of rust. Once the car is driven for a while, the rust wears off and the sound goes away.

Another reason for squeaky brakes is inferior brake pads that contain a lot of metal. When you purchase brake pads, make sure you ask your mechanic what type of brake pads he is installing. It’s definitely worth your investment to purchase high-quality brake pads that contain less metal.

Thinning brake pads also cause squeaks,  which are consistent and don’t stop making noise. The squeaks get worse over time. In the Austin area, our brakes tend to wear out quicker since we drive up and down hills and stop and go traffic.

It’s a good idea to get your brakes checked more often than you think. At Genuine Automotive & Diesel, we offer complimentary brake checks when we service your car.


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